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Hyperhidrosis — more commonly known as excessive sweating — is a problem for 2-3% of Americans today. This condition can cause serious discomfort and significant embarrassment. Fortunately, patients in the Woodside, New York area can get help from Marissa T. Santos, M.D. Dr. Santos, an experienced dermatologist, and her team of highly skilled Physician Assistants use noninvasive treatments that will help patients feel confident once again. Contact the offices of Marissa T. Santos, M.D. to set up a consultation today.

miraDry for Excessive Sweating Q & A

Why does excessive sweating happen?

Excessive sweating occurs when you have a normal number of sweat glands, but those glands produce more sweat than they should. There may be a genetic component, meaning that if a close family member suffered from excessive sweating, you're more likely to deal with it yourself.

In some cases, excessive sweating is caused by an underlying condition, such as alcoholism. This is known as secondary hyperhidrosis. The reason for excessive sweating isn't definitively known at this time, but there are effective solutions available.

What are the most common areas of excessive sweating?

The most common areas of excessive sweating include:

  • The hands: hand sweat is most obvious in the palms of the hands
  • The underarms: this is usually the most common area for excessive sweat to occur
  • The feet: if you sweat excessively in your hands, you're more likely to do so in your feet as well
  • The face: excessive sweating in your face often includes intense flushing

Many patients who suffer from excessive sweating have trouble with more than one area of excessive sweat but have one area that tends to be the worst.

How is excessive sweating treated?

For many patients who suffer from excessive sweating, temporary relief is good but permanent relief is far better. For that reason, Dr. Santos often prescribes miraDry®, a nonsurgical treatment that permanently destroys your underarm sweat and odor glands using microwave technology.

Before miraDry treatment, Dr. Santos numbs your arm and applies a removable treatment template to guide the treatment. She applies the treatment handpiece gently to your skin, and you’ll notice a mild suction as your sweat and odor glands are moved closer to the skin surface.

The thermal energy passes through your skin to target the sweat and odor glands. While this warms the body, the cooling air bursts keep you comfortable. The whole treatment takes only around an hour, and you can expect a dramatic reduction in sweating and odor afterwards.

miraDry is a permanent solution because it destroys the sweat and odor glands rather than temporarily deactivating them like some other treatments do.

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